Alberta Transportation Safety Board

The Alberta Transportation Safety Board (the "Board"), which hears appeals of the Registrar's decisions, is the final administrative authority for making operator licence determinations. The Board handles appeals of licence suspensions and vehicle seizures. It is also responsible for hearings under the Railway (Alberta) Act. While the Board reports to the Minister of Transportation, formal decisions are made independently in accordance with governing legislation: the Traffic Safety Act and the Railway (Alberta) Act.

As part of 2017 Traffic Safety Act updates, changes have been made to some of the Board’s processes.

  • Previously, there was no limit to the number of reconsiderations the Board was required to hear on any given appeal decision. This has been changed. Now the Board will only reconsider their decision once, and only if the circumstances have changed significantly since the original decision. Decisions that have already been reconsidered will not be eligible for another reconsideration. Should the driver deem it necessary, the board’s decision may be appealed in court.
  • Appeal fees must be paid at a Registry Office. The Board does not accept payment for appeals.


Last updated: Oct 17, 2018 15:46